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Happiness is a Warm Gun A Creative Writing Fiction Short Story by Travis Forward

Happiness is a Warm Gun

A Creative Writing Fiction Short Story by Travis Forward
“Travis every girl I have ever been in a relationship with, I wouldn’t hesitate to cheat on. In fact, I’ve cheated on every girl I’ve had: “friends with benefits,” “girlfriend,” “implied romance,” you name it buddy I’ve done it” Julius said.

Julius was talking as we walked toward one of our favorite cafés on a sunny day in Buenos Aires. We had been friends for the past six months. I was new to the country here studying as an exchange student at The University of Buenos Aries.

I was listening to him rave on and on about how much of a player he was. In actuality, he was much more than that.

Julius continued….

“Yo, T-rav, there was this one occasion, I had a fiance. I purchased her the engagement band, and everything told her how much I love her. I even did the ‘old stop in the middle of a park while we were walking in the middle of a crowded Sunday afternoon and got on the one knee thing as I proposed. It’s crazy how much this broad actually believed me, I didn’t feel a thing. I saw her face tear up. I saw it in her eyes, this exuberance, the kind that overcomes a person; the kind that makes one thing that for a second the universe stands still. I saw her realization that for once in her life everything is working out for her.”

As he was talking, I started thinking about how much I missed my family back home in Texas, especially my sister. We hadn’t spoken in over
five years, and she would love this country. I wish she were here.

Julius was on a roll.

“Meantime, I just wanted to see her face when she realizes it’s all a lie. When her tears don’t overflow in joy, but are withdrawn, puff up the front and are afraid to fall. It’s all a hoax. The girl fell for someone who would never settle for her. She says, “I’ve never believed in love until I met you.”And I just think the whole time, “I’ll never believe in love until I crack your heart to prove it exists.” He said.

“Mr. T I’’ll put it to you like this…I fracture hearts you might say, but never designedly. I’d like to think that it is a society that breaks their hearts. Teaches these women to depend on a guy like me, teaches them to believe there exists a circumstance like soulmates. Whatever they think they perceive of me, and what they have been shown to accept of me by generalities based on my natural tendencies to be a “nice” guy.” said Julius

“ T, I have learned in my research, that their misunderstandings of what really is the reality are what breaks their hearts. I am of the school of thought, where to live just means to adapt and survive. I don’t entangle myself with the peculiarities and subtleties of love.” He said

Every time Julius would pause and actually stop talking about himself he would look over to get affirmation that I was listening to him. I would use every ounce of power in my soul to force a Sullivan, that being a Sullivan nod.

“Travo you see I’m a renaissance man, my freedom is logic- my art is the reason. Either I am indulged or indulge. The present moment is my forte. So ladies, if we encounter, I mean no harm.” he said.

“Travis, the way I treat a lady is only an extension of my own interpretation of love. Some folks love differently than others, I love in a way our society may not currently understand. Unquestionably, God, Himself would not hold me accountable for my own perception of love, so neither should you. , Love is love.” Julius said

Julius turned to see some sign of affirmation from me as we walked. Some form of recognition, perhaps a Sullivan Nod. This time he didn’t get a forced smile a happy grin or a Sullivan, what he got was a short monologue from yours truly….

“I’ve been to every city in Argentina. In Brazil, I saw the bodies of two University of Florida students who had been vacationing. They had been gagged, raped, mutilated and thrown into the ocean. I once found a passport belonging to you in Columbia. That was two years ago. That led me to Santiago Chile, and I almost caught up with you there. I was off by just a few days.” I said.

“I almost gave up but came back to Argentina on a hunch you would return to Buenos Aires, your hometown” I said.

TScreenshot_20171202-041605he blood had left Julius face has he stopped walking, and stone cold stared through me with laser beam precision and evil eyes not too far off from the eyes beholden of a Hanibal Lector, but probably closer to Charlie Manson


Before I shot Julius Fuentes, two shots in the nuts and then one in the guts, I will tell you one thing. It took me a long time to gain his trust as a friend, and that took every ounce of my being to do, but here we are. This is D Day. Which means Die Day. Meaning this is the day I shoot him.

I had been on the hunt for this fugitive a sadistic, psychopathic criminal who had peeked the interest of countries around the world who wanted him captured and brought to justice. It took me five years for this walk. A peaceful stroll in beautiful Argentia.

As for myself, not a spy, nor a member of any intelligence agencies, I only had one motive. I wanted him dead. Dead for rapping, trusting and killing my sister five years ago. He had stalked and killed many women, he was the modern-day equivalent to Ted Bundy.

BANG BANG BANG were the sounds of three gunshots and the sounds of sweet delight to my soul.

Two tears in a bucket mother fuckit as Lady Chablis said in one of my favorite movies, “Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil.”
I walked away and disappeared into the crowd leaving him to rot and bled to death and die in broad daylight, I couldn’t handle any more of his bullshit.

As I walked away, I wondered and speculated that there was a minuscule chance he would survive getting shot twice in the balls and once in the stomach. Regardless, even if he did survive the chances of him ever evading an arrest or living a healthy life again had a greater chance than 0.

I disappeared into the crowd with a smile on my face and a song in my head sung by the Beatles…..”Happiness is a Warm” gun.

Who are you? The difference between liberals and conservatives

“You don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows” Bob Dylan

True, but it helps.

An essential difference between the Right and the Left solicitudes the way each seeks to better society.

Conservatives think that the way to a better civilization is almost always through the moral development of the self — by each person doing battle with his or her vulnerabilities and imperfections.

It is the most significant battle of the individual must be with inner forces — that is, with his or her moral shortcomings.

The Left, on the other hand, thinks that the way to a healthier society is virtually always through doing battle with society’s moral shortcomings. Thus, in America, the Left concentrates its efforts on fighting sexism, prejudice, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, and the various other atrocities that the Left understands permeate American culture.

One necessary outcome of this Left-Right difference. Is that those on the Left remain far further preoccupied with politics than these on the Right. Considering the Left is so considerable more interested in solidifying society than in setting the individual, politics necessarily becomes the vehicle for societal improvement. That’s why whenever the term “activist” is performed, we almost always assume that the term refers to someone on the Left.

Another consequence of this Left-Right distinction is that, since conservatives believe society is changed one person at a time, they accept that evolution happens gradually. That isn’t quick acceptable for the Left, which is always and everywhere concentrated on social revolution.

Conservatives not only have no interest in radically transforming the United States of America, but they are also strongly opposed to doing so. Conservatives understand that fundamentally changing any society that isn’t fundamentally bad — not to mention changing.

What one of the most decent organizations in history is — can only make the nation worse. Conservatives believe that America can be adjusted, but should not be transformed, let alone substantially molded.

The Founders of these United States understood that the conversion that every generation must work on is the excellent change of each citizen. Thus, character evolution was at the core of both child rearing and young people’s enlightenment — from elementary school through college.

How is that?

Democracy demands self-control. A free nation needs restraint. If the majority of people don’t check themselves, the state — meaning an ever more powerful government — will have to manage them.

We are now creating vast numbers of Americans who are passionate about fixing America while doing next to nothing about setting their character.

The dilemma, however, is that you can’t make society better unless you first make its people better.

It’s Thanksgiving Stupid: The reason you can’t stay happy

The reason you aren’t happy might surprise you.

You can’t be a happy soul if you aren’t appreciative, and you can’t be a great person if you aren’t grateful. Almost everything harmonious flows from gratitude, and almost everything terrible streams from thoughtlessness.

Let’s begin with ingratitude.

Here’s a proclamation of life: callousness guarantees unhappiness. It is as easy as that. There isn’t an ungrateful happy person on the planet. And there isn’t an ungrateful reasonable person on Earth. There are two understandings.


Reason one is always feeling victimized.

Ungratefulness always leads to or comes from victimhood. Ungrateful people—by definition—think of themselves as victims. And perceiving oneself as a victim or perceiving oneself as a member of a victim group may be the single most significant reason people hurt other people—from hurtful comments to mass murder. Somebody who thinks of themselves as victims tends to believe that because they’ve done maltreated by others, they can hurt others.

And the following reason selfish people aren’t good people is that rudeness is always followed by fury. The careless are angry, and angry people lash out at others. If ingratitude makes people unhappy, then gratitude provides people happiness.

Think of the times you ought felt most grateful—were they not always accompanied by a feeling of satisfaction? Weren’t they also tailgated by a longing to be kinder to other people? The explanation, of course, is yes. Grateful personalities aren’t angry, and they also don’t see themselves as sufferers.

The problem, however—and it’s a big one, is that in U.S and much of the rest of the world, people are growing less grateful.

How?? Because people are always told that they are entitled to things they haven’t earned—what are perceived as “perks” or “entitlements.” And the more stuff that people believe they should get, the less grateful they will be for whatever they do get. And the angrier—and therefore unhappy—they will be if people don’t get them.

Here are two rules of life.

Rule number one: The less you feel entitled to, the more gratitude you will feel for whatever you get and the happier you will be.
Rule number two: The more you feel entitled to, the less fortunate you will be. That’s why, for example, kids who get whatever people want are usually less happy kids. We have a name for such children: spoiled. And no one thinks of a spoiled child as a happy child, and probably not a kind one.

The more that you feel that life or society owes you, the angrier you will get, the less happy you will be. As a result, we are raising the number of angry, unhappy, and selfish people. The other way we are making people miserable, and even meaner, is by cultivating a sense of victimhood. People are always told that they are victims because of their upbringing, because of past prejudice against their group, because of material inequality, because they are female, and for many other reasons.

Next time you want to assess any social policy, ask this question first: Will this policy increase or decrease gratitude among people? You will then know whether it is something that will bring more goodness and happiness to the world—or less.

If I were allowed one wish, it would be that all people be grateful. Gratitude is the source of happiness, and the source of goodness; and the more good people, and the more happy people there are walking around, the more comfortable and better our world will be.